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We offer the simplest and most reliable Citrix solution on the market today. We bring the channel into the 21st century by offering a fast, simple-to-sign-up, no-catch reseller registration process. Just fill out a short form, confirm your email address, and start trialing our platform within minutes. If you decide to stay with us, a near-instant business or owner-operator credit check validates you as an eligible partner.

How Much Does Cloud Nation Pay Partners?

Nothing. We offer no commissions, rebates, kickbacks or under the table profit sharing. Our fees are transparent. If the answers you’re looking for aren’t answered on our site, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Whether via email or a brief call, we can answer any and all questions you have.

Make Money by Selling Cloud Nation

You add value to our solution. You are managing and monitoring the Cloud Nation environment. You are responsible for everything on the server. The customer calls you if something goes wrong. You are level one support! Charge accordingly for this valuable service. Take our pricing, add a percentage, and charge your customer.

No Minimum Sales Requirements

Whether you are helping small accounting firms with two people, or delivering legal applications to thousands of lawyers, Cloud Nation has a platform and solution for you. Reseller growth is expected!

Cloud Nation’s Fee-less Membership

Cloud Nation charges nothing to become a member. We offer sales and technology training AFTER you order and it is included with the price of your service. No additional cost.

What to Expect

To join us, please...

  • Read all of the FAQs on our website
  • Order your first server, storage, and desktops
  • Receive your admin credentials and install applications on the server
  • Test your applications and publish them
  • Create new users in CloudPortal

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Blog coming soon!

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"Every time I work with the system, I am more impressed. You guys have hit a home run with this solution."

- Anthony Regina | Complete Computers

"I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed and benefited from working with your team at Cloud Nation. You and your team have consistently met and exceeded my expectations. Many thanks."

- Gene Murray | Local Mobile Colorado

"Because of the help we received from Cloud Nation, we were able to quickly deploy a cloud solution and are proud now to offer our clients 'Gorilla Anywhere.'"

- Bill Good | Bill Good Marketing

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