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With Cloud Nation and Amazon, you can build IT solutions quickly and without a big upfront investment. Our Proof of Concept platform allows you to prototype virtually any application. You have the flexibility to maximize savings for every type of application and usage pattern, allowing for lower entry and long-term costs to help you move forward with more innovative projects. When you set up and deploy a Cloud Nation solution, you are up and running in minutes, not days.

No Upfront Investment

Building on-premise infrastructure is slow and expensive. There is hardware that needs to be ordered, paid for, installed, configured, and supported – and all of this needs to happen long before you actually need it. With Cloud Nation, you don’t spend time on these activities. Instead you pay for the service you need on a monthly basis.

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Eliminate Duplicate Services

Cloud Nation provides all of the standard services you would find in a typical Windows on premise network: backup, virus protection, domain controllers, licensing, SQL engines, Citrix access, and many more. These are services that you would have to set up each time you deploy a solution. Cloud Nation has built a highly scalable, secure platform that allows you to only pay for what you consume. You can increase your users when temporary work loads occur and reduce them when the rush of business is over.

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"Every time I work with the system, I am more impressed. You guys have hit a home run with this solution."

- Anthony Regina | Complete Computers

"I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed and benefited from working with your team at Cloud Nation. You and your team have consistently met and exceeded my expectations. Many thanks."

- Gene Murray | Local Mobile Colorado

"Because of the help we received from Cloud Nation, we were able to quickly deploy a cloud solution and are proud now to offer our clients 'Gorilla Anywhere.'"

- Bill Good | Bill Good Marketing

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