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Frequently Asked Questions - vStorage What you need to know.

Where is my customer’s data?

Cloud Nation uses Amazon's S3 and EBS storage platform for all vStorage services in Ashburn, Va and San Francisco, Ca.

How do I set up a file server?

Cloud Nation provides file servers and mapped drives to your customer’s vDesktops in 10GB blocks. You are able to increase storage for your customers through our Control Panel without involvement from Cloud Nation. Assigning mapped drives is simple through the Control Panel.

Can I customize the vDesktop environment?

Yes, you can customize vDesktop to have your own wallpaper, configure the icons, and themes to make it “your desktop” – this way productivity and acceptability are higher during a deployment. We offer excellent profile migration tools that capture all the user experience from the local PC and moves it to the cloud.

What is the backup policy for vStorage?

Cloud Nation offers a 90 day incremental backup service for all vStorage files. In addition, volume shadow services are enabled on all Windows File Servers with hourly shadows available for 2 days.

How do we restore deleted or lost files?

We offer full recovery services through support tickets. To recover lost or deleted files, submit a ticket to Cloud Nation at Support at Cloud

Do we need to set up a file server for vStorage?

No. Cloud Nation provides mounted file shares (i.e.: S: drive) for all vDesktop services. However, if your customer would like special file services that may include replication, longer term backup or like services, you can easily provision a vServer as a File Server dedicated to your customers.

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