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Frequently Asked Questions - vServer What you need to know.

Why does my customer need a vServer?

The Cloud Nation platform is built on a Windows Server terminal services model using Citrix XenApp. Every customer requires at least one (1) vServer for vDesktop connections. Each vServer is dedicated to your customer and is not shared with any other customer in the Cloud Nation infrastructure. This ensures security and isolation from other users.

How is vServer secured?

Every vServer (and customer) is has their own subnet and IP range. Although Cloud Nation supports a multi-tenant platform, no customer can hack, break in, or view another customer's information. Each vServer is within its own private network. In addition, Amazon's AWS platform is hardened against all types of internet and hacking threats.

How do I manage my customer’s vServer?

Managing a Cloud Nation vServer is identical to remote management of an on-premise Windows Server. The platform and management are exactly the same processes as you provide today. You will use the RDP connection to the server, manage the machine’s resources, and provide your customers the same support you provide today.

How are vServers different from on-premise servers?

vServers have Cloud Nation specific software and settings that allow them to connect easily with the Cloud Nation Command and Control platform. vServers are specifically designed to operate without customer specific Domain Controllers or Terminal Servers, connect immediately with our Citrix and Microsoft cloud, and offer clean operation for mobile user profiles.

Do I get an Anti Virus Software?

Yes. Anti-virus software and scanning are included in the vServer price.

Do we need a domain controller?

No. Cloud Nation vServers are provisioned and joined to a global active directory system that keeps all customers and users organizated. Our control panel provides simple access to active directory GPO's so you do not have to remember OU structures and details from customer to customer. This saves time and money.

Why does Cloud Nation use Amazon AWS and EC2 servers?

Cloud Nation selected Amazon AWS as a technology partner to host all our vServer, vDesktop, and vStorage technologies. Amazon's uptime SLA is 99.95% across a global high speed data centers. No one provides a more secure, solid, and cost effective platform than Amazon AWS.

How fast will my applications run?

Your applications will run faster than a local PC (unless you have a powerful PC on your desk) because all the processing takes place on our high performance servers rather than on local hardware.

Can I print to the printers in my office?

Yes, if the printer is already set up on your PC then it will automatically appear in your vDesktop. Shared printers can also be set up to be accessible from the vDesktop session of anyone within your organization.

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