Get Started Today We are not special. We are the same decomposing carbon matter as you. However, we have a great cloud platform for Citrix!

Why sell vServer, vStorage, and vDesktops?

Simple - we offer the simpliest and most reliable Citrix solution on the market today. Month to month, no longterm commitments, Amazon AWS performance and security - all for a single low price.

Training - You Better Know What You Are Doing

We assume you have basic Citrix and Windows RDP/TS knowledge. If you do not understand terminal services or the basic concept of Citrix XenApp - go to Citrix and Microsoft classes and learn the basics. You will understand more about what we do and appreciate our service that much more!

Need to Learn How to Sell Cloud? We May Not Be Right For You

However, we do have great whitepapers, ROI/TCO calculators, and marketing support. If you need someone to teach you how to sell cloud, we are not it.

Have Technical Questions? Read the FAQs!

We do realize not every question is answered on the site. We are a bunch of tech geeks and really enjoy geeking out over this stuff. Send us an email at INFO @ and we will set up a call!

What To Expect

Here's what is going to happen. You will...

  • Read all the FAQs on our web site
  • Watch the vServer video and learn how to size and order a vServer
  • Order your first vServer, vStorage, and vDesktops
  • Receive your admin credentials and install applications on the vServer
  • Test your applications and publish them
  • Create new users in CloudPortal Services Manager (CPSM)
  • Live the cloud HIGH life!

Watch this video to learn about Cloud Nation's vServer!

No Fees

Cloud Nation charges nothing to become a member. We offer sales and technology training AFTER you order and it is included with the price of your service. No additional cost.

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“Every time I work with the system, I am more impressed. You guys have hit a home run with this solution”.

Anthony Regina – Complete Computers

"I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed and benefited from working with your team at Cloud Nation. You and your team have consistently met and exceeded my expectations. Many thanks."

Gene Murray – Local Mobile Colorado

"Because of the help we received from Cloud Nation, we were able to quickly deploy a cloud solution and are proud now to offer our clients "Gorilla Anywhere."

Bill Good – Bill Good Marketing

Over 200 Resellers Proudly Represent Cloud Nation

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vDesktops and vServers are sold through authorized Cloud Nation resellers and VARs

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