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Eliminate Duplicate Services

Cloud Nation provides all of the standard services you would find in a typical Windows on premise network: backup, virus protection, domain controllers, licensing, SQL engines, Citrix access, and many more. These are services that you would have to set up each time you deploy a solution. Cloud Nation has built a highly scalable, secure platform that eliminates the redundant services and gives your clients enterprise IT at small business prices.

Cloud Nation offers the only private Windows and Citrix XenApp network built on Amazon EC2 technology. More than Citrix or Windows, Cloud Nation offers a unified, multi-tenant solution that is backed by 99.95% uptime SLA and the industry’s most rigorous security compliance.

Simple To Deploy

vDesktop and vServer are Windows solutions. We leverage Citrix XenApp technology to deliver Windows applications to any device. Moreover, we eliminate much of the heavy lifting by combining common services on a rock solid platform. When you set up and deploy a Cloud Nation solution, you are up and running in minutes, not days. This saves thousands of dollars a year.

Monthly Service – No Long Term Contracts

We believe that every business should have access to affordable IT services. Use what you need, when you need it. We only sell month to month services and require no hardware or software purchases. Cancel at anytime.

No Hardware or Software To Purchase

All Cloud Nation services can run on existing customer hardware. We do not require upgrading ANY of the customer's computers. After implementing a Cloud Nation solution, your customers will no longer need on premise servers or storage devices, backup systems, or costly copies of software.

Scale up or Down Easily

We believe in the utility model of IT. That is, we think you should only pay for what you consume. With Cloud Nation, you can increase your users when temporary work loads occur and reduce them when the rush of business is over. No long term commitments.

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vDesktops and vServers are sold through authorized Cloud Nation resellers and VARs

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